Agile Marketing

Are You Keeping Up with the New Pace of Marketing?

You Can’t Just Follow the Leader

I’ve worked with a lot of clieback-lightnts over the years, and the faster the pace that the Internet drives, the more that I see one particular problem cropping up—what some would call a “tail lights” strategy—copying whatever someone else does first, just like following the tail lights of the car in front of you.

Now, it’s certainly tempting to follow what others do. When we see our competitors do something new, it’s natural to first have the breath sucked out of you—“Oh, no! We don’t do that! What if all of our customers want that? We’re toast!”


Because it’s impossible for you to be the first one to do everything, it is natural that when you see someone else do something that looks good that you would want to copy it. And sometimes that is exactly the right thing to do.

But often, it sets you down the road to ruin, especially in the world of digital marketing, where you see shiny new ideas all the time. Some are good to copy. Many are not. While it seems safe to avoid being the first one with the new idea, it often isn’t safe at all.



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