Agile Marketing

Hallmark 2: Experiments Not Missions


I spend a lot of time talking about getting started on something instead of spending so much time contemplating what to do, and designing the perfect plan. Internet marketing is about constantly experimenting until you find something that works, so the faster you get to it, the better. But I was asked recently if you can suffer from the opposite problem, where you engage in endless activity that later turns out to be pointless or even harmful all in the name of experimentation. You can. And although it’s far less common than the “not getting started” problem, it pays to watch for signs to avoid.

I wrote a book called Do It Wrong Quickly, so it goes without saying that that person likes hyperbole. (And then I went ahead and said it anyway.) Of course, I don’t mean you should be trying to do it wrong, but rather that you admit that most of what we try is wrong, and we need to measure the results so we can fix it. And I often tell people to change it, change it, and then change it again.

But there is a time to stop. 


NEXT, we’ll look at how to measure the success of your campaigns.