Agile Marketing

Hallmark 3: Teamwork, Not Silos

Does Your Team Have “Specialist Disease?”

A consultant, an engineer, and a statistician were in a car traversing a steep mountain road. Suddenly the brakes failed and the car careened out of control. The engineer, who was driving, somehow was able to stop the car by brushing it against the side of the mountain until it finally came to rest. Thankfully, no one was hurt. As the three emerged from the car after their harrowing experience, each one began to think about their situation.

The consultant said, “We need to convene a committee to assess the brake failure, draft a report, and utilize a continuous improvement process to develop a solution.”

“Give me a break,” said the engineer. “That never works and it takes too long. I will take apart the brake system with my Swiss Army knife, use a problem determination process to isolate the root cause, and then correct it.”

The statistician exclaimed, “You’re both wrong! We must push the car back up the hill and see if it happens again. You can’t rely on a sample size of just one.”

If these attitudes are common where you work, your organization might have “Specialist Disease.” That’s the mind-numbing condition where people retreat into their professional disciplines and can’t look at what your customers need. All they see is their specialty, whether it is marketing, technology, design, or something else. 


Let’s further explore the effects of “Specialist Disease” NEXT.