Agile Marketing

What’s Wrong with the Regular Marketing Process?

Waterfall Marketing Doesn’t Work Either

While we marketers were making fun of the IT people with their big specification documents that folks scarcely read, let alone understood, we were making the same mistakes ourselves.



Be honest. When videos suddenly became the range, what did you do? Did you carefully experiment by making one video and analyze how well you did? Or did you write a brief for your agency for a pile of cash to do 10 videos at once so that you are on top of the next hot trend?


Those of you with your hand up for 10 videos are guilty of waterfall marketing—the same problem the IT people set out to solve. If you engage in “big bang” marketing, you are basically going “all in” without even looking at your cards. You have no way of knowing how well you will do with even one video, so why pay for 10 at once?


Instead, you need to curb your enthusiasm for the next new thing and commission one video. Try to make it good, but, more importantly, try to make it fast. And cheap. Anyone can make a video—even a high quality video. But you need to make a video that actually attracts your real target audience. One that persuades them with its message. One that gets them to buy from you.




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