Agile Marketing

What’s Wrong with the Regular Marketing Process?

Taking a Guess is Essential, But Difficult

I’ve spent years teaching the agile marketing approach, but it doesn’t come easily for many people. In one of my classes, on search marketing, a student lamented that my coaching to experiment, to try things, to take a guess and then see what happens before doing something else wouldn’t work at all in her organization. In fact, she told me point blank, “Takinplang a guess can get me fired!” First off, if guessing at digital marketing can get you fired, you might be working for the wrong person. But assuming that you can actually reason with your boss, or that you can quit before he says “You’re Fired!” and go someplace else, agile marketing is your key to success.

 The problem is that it just isn’t very comfortable to take a guess.

I appreciate that guessing is uncomfortable, but it is more comfortable than failing–really failing in your digital marketing program. None of us wants to be wrong, but accepting that we mostly get things wrong will help us to eventually get them right. The right answer will only be found by actually doing the guessing for your sites, making changes, guessing again, and seeing how you do.



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