Agile Marketing

Where Do You Start?

Pick Your First Target

How do you persuade people to do it wrong quickly? How do you convince people to measure how customers respond—to be accountable? By treating a mistake as a less-than-fatal disease. The real fatal disease is to be unaccountable and defensive, pretending to always be right. Instead, you want to take the ideas we’ve looked at in the first six chapters of this book and put them to work.


At most companies, the place to start is the “wrong” part in “do it wrong quickly.” In the “blame hunt” culture, doing anything wrong is fraught with danger. (Why is nothing ever fraught with safety?) This fear of being blamed is the first thing you must attack. Usually, a good way to start is with an intractable problem. 


What marketing problem do you have that no one has been able to solve? Perhaps your web leads have been flat for two years. Or maybe fewer people open your marketing emails each month. Have your online sales for a key product mysteriously dropped?


Those kinds of problems are perfect to take on, because they are painful to your company and because no one expects anyone to have the right answer. If there was an easy answer, you’d have found it already. But if your company has taken multiple swipes at a problem with little success, that’s a great one to propose an experiment for.


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