Agile Marketing

Why Does Agile Marketing Work?

The Magic of Thinking Small


You probably already have a website. But are you improving it small ways every day? Or are you constantly planning large, costly redesigns as the only way forward?

Think about web improvement the same way you consider home improvement. How often is it the right approach to knock down your entire house and build a new one in its place? Only if you really hate your house, you have lots of money, and you can stand a huge disruption in your life. Most improvements should be small, like adding a new piece of furniture or repainting a room, but sometimes it might make sense to rip out a bathroom and put in a new one. Once in a while it makes sense to take on something major, such as expanding your house so your mom can move in with you. But it’s rare that you should tear your house down and start over.






Your website is no different from your house. Most websites have relatively happy customers, but like most houses, can always be improved. Unfortunately, our approach is usually to tear the site down and build a new one where it stands—which we call a “site redesign” or a “major re-launch.” We don’t repaint a few rooms, or even put in a new bathroom. We hire a new set of designers and information architects and do something dramatic to justify the cost.

But is that what your customers want?


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