Agile Marketing

Why is Speed of Change So Important?

How Does Agile Help Our Marketing to Adapt to Change?

If you are ready to “Do It Wrong Quickly” but you overlook how important the “quickly” part is, then you’re just doing it wrong. The point is to experiment with your marketing until something starts to work. You can’t overemphasize how important speed has become in marketing.


Sprint-CalendarThink about how you end up with the right approach. You don’t know the right answer to start with—you find it by trying a number of possibilities and seeing which ones work best. The former CTO of Amazon once told me they could change a font at 9 am and by noon know if it was a mistake or not. Then they’d change it again, always searching for improvement.


Contrast this approach with that of the average company. Suppose you work in a big, slow organization where you can make a change your website only once a month. If you are trying to figure out what your customers want, then you get just one try a week. If it takes you a dozen tries to get it right, then you have blown a year getting there.


But suppose you could change your site every week? You’d be able to run the same number of tests to get that same right answer in three months.


How about if you could run one test a day? In less than two weeks, you’d get to the same brilliant answer. Just like Amazon.


Why do we care about this? Simple. None of us are brilliant. None of us know the perfect answer. None of us can jump straight to the correct conclusion. Most of what we do actually is wrong. It’s not the best. It could be improved. Our fifth try, our 25th try, and our 105th try are all better than out first.


So, getting to that 105th try more quickly means real money. The faster you can run the experiments, the faster you can get to the right answer.


There are all sorts of ways to make the testing go faster, everything from agile software development to multivariate testing. But first, you need to recognize how important that speed is.


What about your company? Do you spend your time lamenting about how those new cool born-on-the-web companies seem to have better ideas? Maybe they don’t. Maybe they just execute faster. Maybe instead of studying an idea until it whimpers and cries for mercy, they just try it. If it works, it’s a keeper. If not, well, not.


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