Agile Marketing

Why is Speed of Change So Important?

Change Your Team Fast!

By now, you might be a bit concerned about what’s in front of you. You’re probably convinced that agile marketing makes sense. You likely are ready to try it yourself. But, what about all other people at your company? Are you quietly muttering to yourself, “This won’t work where I work”?

It’s a natural question. But the answer might actually come back to you. You might have heard people say to you, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re probably right.” If you’re convinced that this is the right thing for your company, then it’s up to you to get other to believe, too.

Now I know that some of you think you’re working with the most hidebound crew of Luddites this side of a quill pen, but you have one thing going for you that others don’t have.



You’re a marketer.

When your latest campaign is a dud—when customers aren’t persuaded—and no one buys your product, do you just give up? Do you tell yourself that your marketing was brilliant but you just need smarter customers? So why do you tell yourself that when co-workers don’t faint at first sight at the sheer beauty of your new idea?

Your co-workers are people very much like the people you market to. They have personalities, motivations, hopes, and fears. And when you need to persuade them of something, such as giving agile marketing a try, you need to pull out all of your marketing stops.

Overcome their objections until they are persuaded, just as you do with customers.


Who to target, NEXT.