Agile Marketing

Why is Speed of Change So Important?

Who Do You Persuade?

Now, just like with your customer markets, you don’t need to persuade everyone—you don’t need a 100% share. You need to persuade the most influential people—the ones who try things first—and the most powerful people—your executives. Once you have them persuaded, the rest will slowly follow.

I remember one client I worked with that had an important team that just wouldn’t go along with the idea of even trying agile. They completely refused. So, I met with them and asked them why. They didn’t have any logical reason, but they were clearly uncomfortable—even fearful. At one point, as I pressed to understand the problem, one frustrated team member spluttered, “Look, this just isn’t in our DNA!”


At that point, I paused, sat back in my chair and slowly, quietly said, “That’s really a shame. Because if everyone else wants to do this, it’s a difficult situation for the company to bring in new DNA.” At that point, the meeting changed and everyone quickly said, “Well it doesn’t have to come to that. Tell us more about what we have to do.” 


It was simple marketing. If they are being motivated by their fear of change, then I just needed to scare them more about not changing. And you can do that, too. If someone isn’t listening to what you absolutely know is a good idea for them, you haven’t marketed it right. Get back to work on your marketing.


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