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Preview - Content Marketing


About Course

What do the Michelin Guide, soap operas, and recipes for cooking with Campbell's soup all have in common? They all started as content marketing. Each one was considered a better way to attract customers to a brand than just spending more on advertising. But they had the disadvantage of requiring huge sums to distribute to their respective audiences. And that's the good news for you--the Internet has now reduced distribution costs to nearly zero, so content marketing is within reach of even the most budget-challenged companies. All you need to do is to understand how to identify your audience, learn their content needs, and meet them. Which is actually what this course on content marketing will do for you. Learn how to reach your audience with quality content that won't break the bank.

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Course Structure

  • Preview - Welcome to Content Marketing, By Mike Moran
    • Untitled Page 1
    • What's Wrong With Advertising?
    • Traditional Media Usage Is On The Wane
    • Explore
    • Explore Continued...
    • People Are Paying Less Attention To Advertising
    • The Shift From Push To Pull Marketing
    • Explore
    • Reflection


Mike Moran
Mike Moran
Mike Moran is the author of Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules, the first book on agile marketing. Mike pioneered agile marketing conecpts in his eight years at, where he served as Manager of Global Web Experience. He retired from IBM in 2008 as ...